Never Too Late

Become an Artist now!

Once upon a time, did you have a dream of being an Artist? A dream no one supported? Did 'they' tell you to be 'realistic' and focus on getting a 'real' job? You are not alone. And you still have time. Whether you want to be a Painter, Sculptor, Singer, or Writer, we can assist with transitioning into your new career as an Artist. From learning how to promote yourself, creating a portfolio and website, to how to make money, we will prepare you to become a Professional Artist.

Option #1

Cost: $50 an hour to address anything to do with becoming an Artist

Option #2

Cost: $500

A full day session from 900am - 500pm

1. Where you've been

2. What is your passion

3. Assessing your skill level and getting you where you need to be

Lunch at 1130am

4. Your Brand

5. The Website

6. Advertising and Social Media

7. What does success mean?

You also receive weekly follow up and support forever.