How will you make money?

Be realistic.

Isn’t that just a hobby?

These are the things people hear when they share that they want to be an Artist. It’s this lack of support that pushed people to get degrees in subjects they don’t like, take jobs in fields they don’t enjoy, and have regrets by the age of 60.

If you’ve ever wanted to Draw and Paint, Sing and dance, Write and Design, we can assist you. It is never too late to be the Artist or Creative you’ve always dreamt of being.

From the designing of a Logo, to creating your own website, to branding and marketing using social media, we can get you started in as little as an hour.

So, where would you like to start?

Option #1
$40 an hour | Pick and choose what you’d like to address

Option #2
$500 full day session | From the hours of 900am - 500pm we will address all aspects of your career change:

  1. What is your dream?
    2. Determining your talent/skill
    3. Planning


    4. Name/Logo
    5. Website
    6. Social Media

Option #3
Logo Design:

1. $250 | I design a logo based on your suggestion. No adjustments or changes. Copyright is yours.
2. $500 | I design a logo based on your suggestion. As many changes and adjustments as you’d like. Copyright is yours.

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- Never Too Late